Mediawiki -> Twiki


Hier die Anleitung, um ein mediawiki nach twiki zu migrieren:

  1. Install Parse::MediaWikiDump on the TWiki server so the conversion script will work.
  2. Upgrade our MediaWiki? to version 1.6.9 in order to get a valid XML dump (ah, the irony).
  3. Run php dumpBackup.php --current > mediawiki-dump.xml from the MW maintenance directory to produce the XML dump.
  4. Transfer the XML dump file to the TWiki server, and do the remaining steps there.
  5. Run perl -I bin tools/ --file mediawiki-dump.xml --debug --dry --max 10 from the base twiki directory to do a test run and make sure it’s basically working.
  6. Run perl -I bin tools/ --file mediawiki-dump.xml --topicmap 'Main Page=WebHome' --debug from the base twiki directory to do the actual conversion. This is what creates all the TWiki topics, one per MW page. The script does contain some brief documentation of the available parameters, so have a peek inside to see if you want to use any of them.

Ich hab „perl -I bin ../ –file ../wiki.gj-schwaben.dump.xml –topicmap ‚Hauptseite=WebHome‘ –debug –web GrueneSchwaben –language de“ aus dem lib-Unterverzeichnis ausgefuehrt…


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